Huawei IdeaHub B2 75-Inch IHB2-75PU

Revolutionize your collaboration experience with the Huawei IdeaHub B2 75-Inch IHB2-75PU. This cutting-edge interactive display redefines productivity, offering a seamless blend of video conferencing, whiteboarding, and wireless presenting. With its stunning 4K UHD resolution and immersive 75-inch screen, your ideas come to life in vivid detail. Empower your team to brainstorm, innovate, and make decisions effortlessly with its intuitive touch control and advanced sharing capabilities. Whether you're in the same room or continents apart, the IdeaHub B2 fosters real-time collaboration like never before. Boost engagement during meetings, workshops, and presentations, while optimizing your workspace with a device that's both functional and stylish. Elevate your communication and productivity with the Huawei IdeaHub B2 75-Inch IHB2-75PU – where ideas meet innovation.


  • Screen Size: 75-inch
  • Screen Model: D-LED
  • Resolution: 4K
  • Multi-touch: 20 points
  • Latency: 16 ms
  • Touch sensing distance ≤ 1.5 mm
  • Camera Resolution: 4K 30 fps 1.5 μm optical sensor
  • Stand: Optional
  • Bracket: Optional
  • OPS: Optional
  • Wifi-Dongle: Optional
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Huawei IdeaHub B2 75-Inch IHB2-75PU

It's the next-generation meeting panel that is built on an all-new hardware architecture platform to provide an HD cloud conferencing experience. Equipped with a 4K soft light screen, the B2 offers a fully upgraded projection and writing experience. It is an optimal solution for collaboration scenarios such as business reports, project workshops, and regular meetings to meet lightweight digital office requirements.

Multi-Platform Cloud Conferencing

The HD cloud-based video conferencing offers out-of-the-box service without OPS configuration. The professional 4K camera adopts a 1.5 μm industrial-grade image sensor, providing a low-noise natural image with TV distortion of less than 2%. Its circulating heat dissipation design reassures consistent resolution even after long meetings. The 6-microphone array easily picks up sound in a radius of 10 meters using the beamforming technology. A 3D stereo speaker is equipped with a 550 cm³ ultra-large sound cavity for premium clarity.

Dual Wi-Fi Projection, Stable and Fast

USB driver-free projection for HD audio and video sharing; dual Wi-Fi modules, ensuring no interference between the internet connection and projection; Reverse control for easier page turning and annotation.

App-free Projection

Supports one-step projection through the drop-down menu or NFC projection on Huawei phones without installing apps.

IdeaShare App

Supports multiple endpoints such as computers and mobile phones, and five mainstream operating systems 2 to get more wireless possibilities.

IdeaShare Key 3

Network connection-free, plug-and-drop, and 4K UHD sharing, for clear images anytime, anywhere.

Wired Projection

Supports Type-C and HDMI cables to provide 4K UHD image quality, for a stable projection experience without Wi-Fi interference.

Intelligent Whiteboard for Smooth Writing

With Huawei-developed handwriting tracking algorithm, the writing latency is as low as 25 ms. The all-new magnetic stylus pen supports multiple strokes and thickness options. Text and graphics can be accurately identified and handwritten content can be converted into standard text immediately. You can scan the QR code on the whiteboard to save the meeting content to your phone or tablet, providing free access anytime and anywhere.

IdeaManager: Comprehensive O&M Platform

Remote management and control of multiple devices: basic device configuration and remote OTA updates; Optimized organizational management: app usage statistics and fault inspection; IdeaCare for troubleshooting: one-click diagnosis of typical faults as well as remote assistance from professionals

More Information
Manufacturer Huawei
Screen Size 75" Diagonal
Built-In PC Optional PC
Panel Resolution 4K UHD (3840 x 2160)
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