Specktron CDX-98i 98" Interactive Display

Experience the future of interactive learning and presentations with the Specktron CDX-98i 98" Interactive Display. This cutting-edge display redefines engagement by offering a massive 98" canvas for collaboration, presentations, and dynamic content sharing. With ultra-responsive touch technology, users can effortlessly interact, annotate, and navigate, making every interaction seamless and impactful. Whether in classrooms, boardrooms, or creative spaces, the CDX-98i transforms ideas into captivating visual experiences. Elevate engagement, foster creativity, and unlock a new dimension of communication with the Specktron CDX-98i Interactive Display.

  • Built-In Android 8.0
  • Fast Boot & Quicker app OS Switching switching
  • Lv 7 Toughened glass
  • Lightning-fast touch response
  • Optional OPS: 10th Gen Intel® i5 or i7
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    SPECKTRON CDX-98I Interactive Display

    Powerful internals. Great Performance.

    Collaborate like never before.

    Specktron CDX-98I Interactive Display allows you to work, collaborate and interact in a clean, modern environment. But the way we see it, technology is just a tool for thinking and creating. That’s why our displays are built with a unique design and intelligent software that helps with your needs, so you can focus on what matters most to you - Education

    Applications Play. Interact. Learn.

    Our interactive display offers stunning 4K content resolution and delivers a large, shared viewing experience for your workgroup or classroom. With built-in software and Touchback functionality, it’s easy for multiple users to draw, write, and interact with content at the same time. With Interactive Tools, you can take notes over an image, record ideas on a whiteboard, and mark up documents without printing or scanning. Interact and collaborate with Two-way wireless Voice commands & with your classmates casting and mirroring Voice control

    Digital Whiteboard Ideas made real.

    Designed exclusively for schools, Specktron Interactive displays come with high-quality interactive whiteboard software. Our Interactive Displays are featured with a touch technology that provides instantaneous writing and display responses, making it ideal to use in large classrooms or meeting rooms to educate students. The whiteboard software supports Windows and Android operating systems.

    • Handwriting recognition and shape recognition
    • Rich tools to edit images and videos easily
    • Import multiple file-formats and export your content with the same
    • Export as Image, Word, PowerPoint, and PDF format **

    Tools for Education

    Session Recording

    • Convenient screen recording to create multimedia materials
    • Capture the classroom session with a dual recording option. Record with mic enabled to add voice input

    Wireless Mirroring

    • Connected via wireless to a computer or any mobile device, the Specktron panel opens up a seamless and robust canvas for an interactive whiteboarding experience.
    • Allows screen mirroring from multiple devices to the Specktron UDX screen.
    • Users can connect up to 9 devices in a session. Multi-view display of connected devices.
    • Available in Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS devices to be mirrored.
    • Touch capability on Specktron screen to control the connected Windows and Mac devices.

    Hybrid Learning

    Powered with a Windows PC, teachers can conduct hybrid classroom sessions by combining the existing features with their preferred Video Conferencing solution allowing them to connect with students both in the classroom and at home.

    The presenter can easily launch their choice of video conferencing solutions from within the OS.

    Split Screen

    Users can open two applications simultaneously allowing them to switch seamlessly between them and giving them access to multiple resources at once


    The Spotlight tool allows teachers to get the students to focus on parts of the lesson to keep and improve engagement, the focus area can be resized and adjusted.

    Teachers can share their screens or the digital whiteboard across the entire classroom, present physically and virtually.


    Teachers can use this tool to create timed sessions and enhance interactivity between students and in the classroom


    Teachers can create online polls and quizzes, students can connect to these sessions with their own smart devices and submit their responses

    Central Display Management

    Admin can remotely turn on or off the units, switch input channels, and control volume and brightness on the panel

    Allows admin to monitor the screen with the help of snapshots, to view the current activity on the screen.

    OTA updates

    With the help of the OTA function, any issues firmware issues can be easily tackled by remotely updating the firmware

    Apps available on the panel can be upgraded with new firmware.


    SKU CDX-98i
    Brands Specktron
    Screen Size 98 Inch
    Native Resolution 4K (3840 X 2160)
    Aspect Ratio 16:9
    Built-in PC Android, Optional
    Color Grey


    More Information
    Manufacturer Specktron
    Screen Size 98" Diagonal
    Built-In PC Optional PC
    Panel Resolution 4K UHD (3840 x 2160)
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